Friday, 21 October 2011

Ticket touts

A bit of a rant here.... Something has to be done about ticket touts, to some people the chance to see a band or artist may be one of the greatest moments in their life. To steal someone's chance at this concert just to sell on for extortionate fees i see as terrible. Ticket prices are already quite steep and to add on the charges that touts can and do charge is obscene and unfair to those that can't afford to pay the amounts they want. For example stone roses tickets are already online at 3X the price charged by official ticket merchants. In some extreme cases i have just seen some at over 20X the standard price because they have a conformation email to go with them. This is ridiculous and to put the tickets up straight away proves that people were prepared to ruin someones chance to see a reformed band who havent played live in 15 years for some money. Please sort this out promoters and artists!

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