Saturday, 29 October 2011

Robin Van Persie

Today Robin Van Persie became the leading goal scorer in the premiership for the season so far; following a hat-trick in Arsenals 5-3 victory over Chelsea. In addition to this he is also the leading goal scorer for the calendar year, highlighting how good a player he is. A lot of teams absolutely dominate others and get massive victories that can boost to players goal totals, but in the case of Van Persie he has become almost a one man team. There is no doubt that Arsenal are not the team they were, with the loss of two players of the importance of Nasri and Fabregas alot of inexperience/ lack of real quality has been exposed. This however has been the spur on Van Persie has needed to keep Arsenal in with a decent shot at a high placed finish this year after a very poor start.

The question that needs to be asked is, with the players that Arsenal currently have is Robin Van Persie going to be able to do it all for them?

On current form it looks like he will have to whilst the gunners wait for Jack Wilshere to return and Chamakh to find his goal scoring boots. Without Robin Van Persie I believe Arsenal could be in a serious predicament moving forward with no one to build around, which Arsene Wenger will have to in January and or the summer. At the end of the day though he is keeping them going forward single handed and for the foreseeable future it looks like he will have to continue doing so.

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