Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Michael Owen

As a football fan who grew up admiring Michael Owen, I just felt it was time to write a blog about him after reports today of his pleasure of scoring against Aldershot in the Carling cup. What has happened to him? He was the one of the best strikers i had ever seen, very quick, very agile, extremely calm when finishing, a world beater. So what is he doing at Manchester United as the 5th choice striker? Limited to occasional substitute appearances as well as weaker cup team matches. The only reason i can see him wanting to be a bench warmer is the fact that he can still get his premier league medal at the end of the year (something he missed out at both Liverpool and Newcastle). At almost 32 years old he has surely only got a few years left playing at premier league level, so what i wonder is why does he not join a team where he would get regular football?

I am sure there are plenty of teams out there that would like to have him in their squad and many in the premier league that he could make into their starting line up. In my opinion he could still play for 2 more seasons in the premiership and be a useful player (hat-trick newcastle Vs West ham). This would be if he can get and stay fit as i am sure his ability is in no doubt as many people say class is permanent, form is temporary he has class in abundance.

It is such a shame as a fan of his to watch his career drag on in a depressing manner warming the bench for a good team when he could be playing and recapturing some of his former glory. I really do hope Michael Owen moves on and shows the world he still has it in him before his legacy is tarnished further.

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