Sunday, 23 October 2011

Crazy day of football

Where do I start? Man united lose 6-1 at home to bitter rivals Man City, QPR beat chelsea 1-0 who have 2 men sent off and almost the whole team yellow carded. WOW.

With all this happening you'd be forgiven to forget Spurs beat Blackburn away 2-1 putting more pressure on Steve Kean and that Arsenal beat Stoke as well as Everton beating Fulham.

Where to start with the Manchester derby? What a player David Silva is he can be absolutely unplayable and is by far one of the best players i've seen play football. This year he has been the best player in the premiership (in my opinion) and he only strengthened his claims to the lead today. On the big occasion and in such an important game he did not disappoint. In addition City played with a changed formation with only 4 in midfield limiting his license to ghost around the pitch and come into life when going forward. This did not seem to stop him though his quick feet and brilliant football brain just keep city going and everything good they do seems to go through him. To orchestrate manchester united losing 6-1 at home is some achievement.

I think Sir Alex Ferguson needs to realise his midfield is not good enough, Darren Fletcher and Anderson are good players but not world beaters and they were shown up today by a world class City who are in top form. Wayne Rooney also didn't come to the party and when that happens United seem to stop playing so well.

Another question i must ask is why did Johnny Evans play? He seems to be the weakest United defender i've seen in a while and had a poor game capped off by his red card which really left a mountain to climb for United.

On to the Chelsea game where I have to admit QPR played the game tactically well. Although negative they stopped Drogba playing well and before substituted Mata hardly seemed in the game. They used SWP's pace to great advantage and broke quickly, I still think it's a shame he is played on the left wing my Neil Warnock as he seems a much more natural right winger but he looked much more like the man that used to menace all premier league defences and that's nice to see.

Although debatable if the Bosingwa red card was so, what Chelsea did was criminal. If you get a man sent off the worst thing to do is to get another. So in this case i think although they carved out some good chances Chelsea and especially Drogba were their own worst enemies and deserved to lose just for that.

Final note: RIP Marco Simoncelli

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