Friday, 11 November 2011

Spain Vs England

So the first of England's friendlies is tomorrow and against probably the best team in the world, Spain. Although limited team news has arrived from Spain there are rumours circulating that both Xavi and Iniesta will start the game at Wembley.

From England's point of view there has been only 2 pieces of confirmed team news.

1) Frank Lampard will captain the team in the absence of John terry. Personally I don't see this as a good move, as I do believe Frank Lampard has influenced international games in a less and less sense over recent years and I don't think he is a stone wall starter in England's first XI. As a result I think the captaincy could be better given to someone who Capello thinks is in his first choice team as well as someone that could benefit from the experience if he is experimenting. I also think that in a game where you are playing the best team in the world why not put your best team out? That would mean playing John Terry and making the captaincy debate an easy one.

2) Phil Jones will play in the holding role in midfield. This is a real shock to me, this is because from my knowledge he has only played there once this season for Manchester United. In addition to this it is a bit cruel to keep switching a young players position like he has had all year, from CB to RB and now to CDM. The final point is why would he be chosen to play in this role which he is not familiar with when we have both Scott Parker and Gareth Barry in the squad who have been brilliant this year for their respective teams.

Overall though I am looking forward to the game to see how england cope with a style of play like no other team in the world.

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  1. quality article, only thing i dont agree with is the bit about gareth barry and john terry being captain, otherwise your right!