Saturday, 5 November 2011

11 games in blog

Well we've now played 11 games in the premier league and it's time to stop thinking about being the new boys and start only thinking about the next game in the calendar. After today it has become clear that our defence is not good enough without the 2 sitting midfielders in Fox and Johnson. Even with the 2 of them playing in the previous 7 games we've still conceded every game this season and relied upon out scoring our opponents. As seen last year playing attacking football will only get you so far (blackpool) and I am starting to worry about our defence. If Leon Barnett does not have a good game, neither does our defence. I can not fault Russell Martins commitment and he really had a good year last year but as a premier league centre back I don't think he is good enough.

Having a clean sheet ensures that you get at least 1 point and of all the weaker teams it seems Norwich are the weakest defensively and come the end of the season this could cost us. It is disappointing as a fan of a team who need to be getting points at any opportunity to miss out on a point from a poor back pass by our centre back. Although individual errors shouldn't be scrutinized it is frustrating to see defensive errors cost us points especially when we managed to score 2 goals away from home against a strong premier league team in Aston Villa.

I am not going to do a full match review as I didn't get to watch the full match but I can credit the team for what seems like a good effort attacking. I also want to note that I don't think Wes is best utilised as a central midfielder as I think the freedom of being pushed forward helps us more as he puts pressure on defences when off the ball further up the field.

Overall though to be on 13 point after 11 games is a good start but we need to find some more form coming into the christmas and early 2012 when we have  a lot of crucial and winnable games. This could define our season as our run in is particularly difficult.

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