Thursday, 24 November 2011

Goal Line technology

The FA today announced that from next season 2012-2013 that goal line technology could be used in the premier league. This for me is a major stepping stone in the direction of fairness and consistency in a major refereeing decision that can cost teams a game, or a place in the league.

Although many argue that goal line technology could slow the game up and cause pauses whilst it interacts for the system to be used it must fulfill 4 criteria set by FIFA.

1) The technology can only be used for goal line decisions as to whether the ball has or hasn't crossed the line.
2) The system in operation must be accurate.
3) The decision must be made within 1 second.
4) The communication of the decision is between referee and refereeing assistants only.

I personally think these 4 rules could provide a system that is extremely useful in premier league matches. Often after a debated goal has been adjudged to not have passed the line, the result is a goal kick or corner, in which a player has to collect the ball place it and then take a kick. If the system is efficient enough, then the referee will have enough time to find out whether the ball had passed the line or not. The fact that the communication is between the referee and officials only also benefits as the crowd can not get annoyed at a video replay. The accuracy is the most important part, as no one would like a system that is not 100% accurate allowing for sloppy decisions to be made as there would be no point.

If the FA can implement a fair system such as this into the premier league I see no reason why it should not be used. Sports such as cricket and rugby have been using this system for a while and the decisions that have been made as a result have been greatly improved, if the premier league is to remain the best league in the world for club football then it needs to be at the fore of making decisions correct by using all tools available whilst not detracting from the fast flowing style of play that many have come to know and love.

Hopefully it can stop decisions like this:

Leave a comment on what you think towards goal line technology and whether it should be used in the premier league.


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