Tuesday, 8 November 2011

England squad

Well now qualification is sorted out for the Euro's England can look to mould what they consider to be the best squad for the assault on the championship. Well, that's what they should be doing. Alot of discussion and controversy surrounds whoever the England manager on whatever choices and selections they make. Every journalist and their pet dog thinks they could do the job better than the current boss who is always horribly useless. So in trying not to be a moaning England fan defiant that I am better than Mr Capello I wanted to address a few issues that I am a bit baffled about particularly.

1) Micah Richards- Probably the most talked about decision from the current England squad. Micah Richards who has been an extremely important player for Manchester City this year and one of the outstanding performers in a number of games. Very surprised he is not in the starting line up let alone not in the squad. Feel sorry for him.

2) Jack Rodwell- I was slightly surprised to see him in the squad, I do not particularly follow Everton closely but hadn't heard of any majorly influential performances from him this year. This being said I am happy to see some younger players being picked.

3) David Stockdale- Playing in the championship, do you really want a goalkeeper coming on as a replacement who has been playing in a 2nd tier league? I am surprised John Ruddy wasn't picked and given a chance after a few good performances and the week in week out premier league experience making the jump to international less steep/ might be able to cope with the pressure better.

4) Anthony Pilkington- Before everyone says you're only picking him as he is a Norwich player, that may be the case but he has been outstanding this year. He has picked up 4 goals already (from midfield) that is as many as Luis Suarez. He also can use both feet and goes past players with ease. If ever Fabio should have picked a form player and not a name I believe this is an example. Many teams with worse names than Englands team do better in internationals or over perform and this is because they don't have as many 'names' and I think England could learn from that.

5) John Terry- In my opinion you have to stick by your captain until proven guilty, so the decision to pick John Terry was correct in this case.


  1. So I like the idea of England playing a 4-3-3 with one holding midfielder and Milner and Wilshere connecting play with, say, Young, Rooney, and another forward. (Obviously getting ahead of myself as I don't know anyone's form in 2013-14, but Milner, Wilshere, and Rooney all seem world class if healthy.)

    So who is that holding midfielder? Rodwell? Phil Jones? (Probably not.) Or am I looking at this all wrong?

  2. Parker or Barry but at the moment he might be considering both to play a bit like man city with the 4231, 2 wingers and rooney behind the front striker.

  3. bang on with terry, hes our best captain by a long way and hasnt even been proved guilty of it yet. im shocked richards hasnt even made the squad aswell, would be nice to see sturridge have a go upfront after a good start to the season.